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Galactic Astrology was entirely new to me before my session with Jessica. It is fascinating to see how patterns and purpose from galactic lifetimes are playing out in this lifetime as strengths and challenges. Jessica pointed out:

  • Consistent themes and roles as a communicator and teacher

  • How I moved through portals as a star traveler

  • History in this lifetime and many others in bringing light to darkness (star systems as well as my family and workplaces in this lifetime)

  • The pattern of trauma I experienced in earlier lives is completely shifting in this lifetime and especially going forward 

  • I can ask for help from the Galactic Center. This is a real gift

  • Background information and where to learn more

  • It is now time for me to be seen and heard

Jessica is professional, knowledgeable, confident, grounded, and warm. I am grateful to her for the Galactic Astrology session and chart.


Vermont, US


Jessica K. Rascovich, offers services that are of a Metaphysical advisory nature. Jessica K. Rascovich is not a medical professional and is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or claim to cure any ailment be it mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual in nature. All information obtained from Jessica K. Rascovich is to be taken solely as advisory and not as a replacement for a professional medical care or a professional consultation. 

As a client of Jessica K. Rascovich you understand that you are fully responsible for your own personal transformation and all of your life decisions after the session with Jessica K. Rascovich.

By proceeding with payment for your session with Jessica K. Rascovich you legally confirm that Jessica K. Rascovich will not be held personally, legally, or financially liable for any changes you decide to make in life based upon any advice you received from the aforementioned. 

By purchasing any of Jessica K. Rascovich's services, you confirm that you understand and agree to the above disclaimer and that all sales are final.


CANCELLATIONS and RESCHEDULES of appointments require ONE (1) day advance notice. ALL SALES ARE FINAL UPON PURCHASE. In lieu of refunds, cancelled appointments may be rescheduled for a later date. To cancel/reschedule your appointment, please email Jessica at

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