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Galactic Astrology was entirely new to me before my session with Jessica. It is fascinating to see how patterns and purpose from galactic lifetimes are playing out in this lifetime as strengths and challenges. Jessica pointed out:

  • Consistent themes and roles as a communicator and teacher

  • How I moved through portals as a star traveler

  • History in this lifetime and many others in bringing light to darkness (star systems as well as my family and workplaces in this lifetime)

  • The pattern of trauma I experienced in earlier lives is completely shifting in this lifetime and especially going forward 

  • I can ask for help from the Galactic Center. This is a real gift

  • Background information and where to learn more

  • It is now time for me to be seen and heard

Jessica is professional, knowledgeable, confident, grounded, and warm. I am grateful to her for the Galactic Astrology session and chart.


Vermont, US

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