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Greetings! I am Jessica Kae, an Intuitive Soul Guide. I specialize in offering transformative guidance that encompasses both spiritual and practical dimensions.


My approach involves connecting with clients on a profound level by tapping into their soul records using birth details. Through this personalized insight, I tailor sessions to meet their unique needs and empower them on their individual journeys.

Drawing from a diverse background that includes expertise in tarot, astrology, Gene Keys, Buddhism, reiki, and massage, I integrate various modalities to provide a holistic experience. Clients often find empowerment not only in the excitement of potential solutions but also through engaging personalized exercises and activities that encourage self-discovery.


With a commitment to enhancing overall well-being, I illuminate paths for my clients, helping them navigate challenges and uncover their strengths. Join me on a transformative journey to self-awareness, empowerment, and a deeper connection with your higher wisdom.


Jessica is amazing! She did a reading and then guided me on the messages that were being carried. Her predictions were 98 to 100% accurate.  Her insight is incredible. The cost of the readings are reasonable, and the results are outstanding!!! If It had not been for her, I probably would not be living. If you need help and guidance, she is the right person!


Washington, US

$125 for 1 hour

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